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CrossReader is a Potentially Unwanted Program that is typically responsible for a wide variety of symptoms on affected computers. Computer users have reported that CrossReader may cause system performance issues, interfere with the affected Web browser, and result in the display of irritating advertisements or other type of unwanted content on the affected Web browser. Therefore, security experts intensely suggest that computer users avoid CrossReader and remove this PUP infection if CrossReader has already been installed on their Web browser.

The Consequences of the Presence of this Web Browser Extension and Toolbar

CrossReader is usually installed as a plug-in for the victim's Web browser. CrossReader may affect Web browsers on the Windows operating system, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. In most cases, CrossReader will be presented as an attractive and useful Web browser extension and toolbar. However, CrossReader does not offer any kind of useful or desirable service. Although it is possible that CrossReader may have some legitimate uses, malware analysts consider that the many unwanted symptoms and problems related to CrossReader mean that CrossReader's advantages do not worth its downside.

CrossReader is closely associated with a wide variety of problems on affected computers. The following are issues associated with CrossReader:

  • CrossReader may cause Web browser performance issues, that may cause Web pages to load very slowly, the Web browser to crash or freeze and slow down your Web browser considerably.
  • CrossReader has adware capabilities. CrossReader is closely related to a wide variety of irritating advertisements that appear on the affected Web browser or operating system in an attempt to induce innocent PC users into clicking on suspicious links.
  • CrossReader may make unwanted changes to your Web browser. Affected computer users have reported that CrossReader may change the Web browser's homepage and default search engine.
  • CrossReader may compromise your privacy. This is due to the fact that CrossReader may keep track of your online activity and then relay this information to a third party.

File System Details

CrossReader may create the following file(s):
# File Name Detections
1. C:\Program Files\crossreaderCrossReader-bho.dll
2. C:\Program Files\crossreaderCrossReader-codedownloader.exe
3. C:\Program Files\crossreaderCrossReader-bho64.dll
4. C:\Program Files\crossreaderCrossReader-buttonutil.exe
5. C:\Program Files\crossreader\CrossReader-bg.exe
6. C:\Program Files\crossreaderCrossReader-buttonutil64.exe
7. C:\Program Files\crossreaderUninstall.exe

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