The pop-ups are a browser-based adware scam made to trick users into accepting push notifications. That allows the fraudsters behind it to send unwanted advertisements to the victim's phone or computer directly. itself is a dubious website that displays fake error messages and notifications that attempt to make the user subscribe to the website. The messages may include the following bits: wants to Show notifications.
Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!

Whenever these messages appear, users are advised to avoid clicking on the Allow button, unless they want to start seeing spam pop-ups coming from the website on their devices. That may happen even when the browser is closed, once the notifications are accepted and the website sends its push notifications. ads may also appear through a malware infection, such as a Trojan, or as part of an installation of a software bundle that contains adware connected to the website. In such cases, optional installations may offer such adware as part of the package, necessitating user input and removing opting out of any additional software.

The website's spam notification advertisements are for online games, fake software updates, potentially unwanted programs, and adult websites, among other themes.


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