'Critical System Failure' Tech Support Scam

'Critical System Failure' Tech Support Scam Description

The 'Critical System Failure' tech support scam is facilitated by badware which may land on your system as a plug-in to a free program. The 'Critical System Failure' tech support scam is centered around the idea to present users with a misleading 'Critical System Failure' notification on their screens, which lacks a 'Close' button. The badware used for the 'Critical System Failure' may run as a portable program, activate when you log into Windows and play a sound alert to attract the user's attention. The notification window is reported to be titled 'Critical System Failure' and display the following message:

As you can notice, the users are directed to call the 855-616-6772 phone number and notify the technical support representative of their problem. The 'Critical System Failure' windows are not generated by the Windows OS and should not be trusted. The designers behind the 'Critical System Failure' tech support scam took into consideration that you may try to close the window and the primary process of the app may be hidden under svchost.ex, which is a Windows host process. Computer users that are not sure if they should restart their OSes may be willing to call 855-616-6772 due to the layout of the 'Critical System Failure' notification. The 'Critical System Failure' windows feature a modified Windows Firewall logo and a button that says 'Next.' The 'Next button' will lead the user to a specially crafted page on the Internet where a custom-build of the remote desktop tool LogMeIn may begin downloading automatically.

The LogMeIn software is a legitimate remote desktop tool that is used by certified technical support agents around the world but may be misused by con artists to gain remote access to the user's machine and cause system errors. That way, users with excellent OSes might be willing to buy a subscription plan for more than two hundred dollars. The aim of the 'Critical System Failure' tech support scam is to lure users into calling the 855-616-6772 phone line. The swindlers running the 'Critical System Failure' tech support scam will try to convince users to pay for an expert's help and prevent the 'Critical System Failure' notifications from appearing again. Needless to say, the 'Critical System Failure' alerts are a hoax and users need to stay on their guard to prevent access to their PCs. Researchers advise users to incorporate a reputable anti-malware shield that can protect their OSes from badware used in the 'Critical System Failure' tech support scam.