A growing number of individuals with questionable moral compasses are setting up bogus websites that provide no value to their visitors. An example of this is the page. This website’s sole purpose is to trick its visitors into providing it with permission to display Web browser notifications. The reason behind this is simple – the operators of the website will bombard users with unwanted advertisements via their Web browser notifications. Users who have come across the site have likely been browsing dodgy pages like adult entertainment websites, illicit streaming platforms, etc.

Attempts to Trick the Visitor Using Various Techniques

To get the user’s permission to display Web browser notifications, the site may try several tricks. This website is known to present its visitors with a bogus CAPTCHA that is supposed to prove that the PC user is not a robot. However, the CAPTCHA is fake, and the displays an ‘Allow’ button as a way to pass the test. Clicking on the ‘Allow’ button will not serve to confirm that you are not a robot but will instead allow the site to spam you with Web browser notifications.

Another trick the operators of the website use is to convince the users that they are hosting an interesting video or other media. However, if the visitor wants to view the embedded media, they will have to click on the ‘Allow’ button. Again, this is nothing more than a lie, and the operators of the site are not hosting any content of value, despite their claims. The site also may claim to contain a file that is of interest to the user. Then, the website would request the visitors to click the ‘Allow’ button if they want to download the file. Needless to say, there is no file to be downloaded, and this is yet another trick by the creators of the website.

Promotes Dodgy Products and Services

The page is not an unsafe website, and it does not pose a threat to your system’s health or your data’s security. However, if you allow the site to display notifications in your Web browser, rest assured that you will be bombarded with unwanted advertisements even if you are browsing other websites. Furthermore, dodgy sites like the page work in cooperation with dubious advertisement companies that do not hesitate to promote overpriced, low-quality products and fake services. This is why it is advisable to avoid interacting with any of the advertisements affiliated with the website.

If you want to clear yourself of the site’s constant spam, you should go to your Web browser settings and make sure to revoke the permissions given to this dodgy Web page.


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