Threat Database Adware CouponFactory


By CagedTech in Adware

CouponFactory is an adware program similar to AppStein and SaverAdd-on that may be distributed through compromised websites, free applications, links added to suspicious emails, etc. CouponFactory may also be downloaded from its website, After being installed, CouponFactory adware starts displaying its 'good deals' such as coupons, banners and similar advertisements promptly after the computer user opens a Web page. CouponFactory adware may change the settings of the computer's Web browser, that makes it possible for InvisibleBrowser to display its unwanted advertisements. Also, CouponFactory adware may track your online browsing and use the information to exhibit advertisements related to your searches. To stop the annoying advertisements, CouponFactory needs to be removed from your computer with an anti-malware device.


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