Security researchers have received reports of pop-up windows and intrusive advertisements associated with, a low quality advertisement platform that may be associated with Potentially Unwanted Programs. If your Web browser is displaying advertising content associated with, this may mean that adware or other PUPs have been installed on your Web browser, often as a Web browser toolbar or extension. If this is the case, PC security researchers recommend removing all content associated with immediately with the help of a reliable security application. advertisements may expose your computer to other PUPs and threats and create a variety of malfunctions on the affected PC.

Advertisement Platforms Such as may be Very Annoying advertisements may create various problems on affected computers. Some predictable issues that may be related to are:

  • advertisements may cut in the computer users' work, forbidding them from utilizing the affected Web browser effectively. advertisements are disruptive and highly irritating and may interfere with your Web browsing experience.
  • PUPs associated with may make changes to your Web browser settings. These types of PUPs may change the Web browsers' default search engine, homepage and security settings automatically. For example, the affected Web browser's homepage may be changed to automatically.
  • PUPs linked to may cause performance problems on affected Web browsers. These types of PUPs may make the affected Web browser slow down significantly, freeze or crash frequently due to the fact that it uses additional resources to load advertising content from and display advertisements on websites viewed by computer users.