'coshoope11.club' Pop-Ups

'coshoope11.club' Pop-Ups Description

The 'coshoope11.club' pop-up windows in your browser are not coming from the Microsoft Corp. The 'coshoope11.club' pop-ups may feature a layout similar to Support.microsoft.com and include the Windows 10 logo, but they are not produced through cybersecurity services by Microsoft. The 'coshoope11.club' pop-up windows are generated via phishing pages, adware and browser hijackers. Computer security researchers alert that the 'coshoope11.club' domain is used to push misleading messages and deceptive audio recordings to visiting Web surfers. The 'coshoope11.club' notifications may show the following text:

'windows was blocked
Instant help without waiting
call 1-888-728-6247 and improve health. Of your computer
Be updated with windows
Our Professional will keep you up to date with the latest softw are
Knowledge of browser
learn more about safe browser information about 1-888-728-6247'

Also, a dialog box may be displayed in the foreground, and you may be unable to close it. The problem is not in your browser but in the underlying page that includes a script that generates notifications continuously. If you are using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, you may be able to tick the 'Prevent page from creating additional dialogs' option when you experience the 'coshoope11.club' messages. Users have reported that the alerts from 'coshoope11.club' show the following text:

Please call us immediately at 1-888-728-6247
Do not ignore this critical alert. Yes You close this page, your computer access will be disabled for Avoid further damage to our network. Our computer has alerted us That it was infected by a virus and a spyware. Information Following are stolen ...
Facebook Login
>Credit card details
>Login email account
>Photos stored on this computer.
You must contact us immediately so that our engineers can guide you through the removal process by phone. Please call us within 5 minutes to prevent your computer from being disabled. Phone 1-888-728-6247'

The 'coshoope11.club' domain is registered to the IP address where we found more than a dozen other phishing domains related to IT help hoaxes. The 888-728-6247 phone line promoted at 'coshoope11.club' should not be contacted. The phone line is operated by con artists who might present themselves as employees at the Microsoft Corp. You should ignore the 'coshoope11.club' pop-ups and avoid calls to 888-728-6247. It is easy to terminate the browser's process from the Task Manager if you can't close the tab that loaded 'coshoope11.club'. It may be a good idea to execute a scan for running programs communicating with 'coshoope11.club' over the Internet to see if they are not causing browser redirects.

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