Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 11,283
Threat Level: 50 % (Medium)
Infected Computers: 1,326
First Seen: July 24, 2009
Last Seen: September 6, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

CoolWebSearch is a low quality search engine that is closely associated with adware and browser hijackers. Components associated with CoolWebSearch are commonly referred to as Potentially Unwanted Programs because they have many of the characteristics of threats without being nearly as destructive and being easier to remove from the affected computer. CoolWebSearch is usually installed as a Web browser plug-in or add-on on the most commonly used Web browser on the Windows operating system. CoolWebSearch may be installed on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Once installed, CoolWebSearch may make various changes to the affected Web browser, including changing its default search engine and homepage to CoolWebSearch and forcing the affected Web browser to visit CoolWebSearch repeatedly. Despite being marketed as a legitimate search engine, CoolWebSearch is designed to profit at the expense of computer users by causing a wide variety of problems.

How CoolWebSearch may Reach a Computer

There are several ways in which CoolWebSearch may infect a Web browser. In many cases, computer users may not be aware that CoolWebSearch has been installed, and since CoolWebSearch is considered a PUP and not completely unsafe, many security programs may not detect CoolWebSearch as harmful. In most cases, CoolWebSearch is installed after the careless installation of a freeware program from a dubious source. During the installation process, computer users may not notice the option to opt out of installing bundled extensions and toolbars like CoolWebSearch, allowing this PUP to enter their computers.

Removing the Not-So-Cool CoolWebSearch

If CoolWebSearch is installed on your computer, PC security researchers recommend removing CoolWebSearch at once with the help of a reliable anti-malware application. Usually, CoolWebSearch can be uninstalled using normal software removal methods. However, CoolWebSearch redirects and pop-ups may have exposed your computer to truly unsafe content. Because of this, scanning the affected computer with a reliable security program once CoolWebSearch has been removed is strongly recommended. Future infections involving CoolWebSearch or PUPs similar to CoolWebSearch can be avoided by refusing to install any bundled browser toolbars or extensions when installing new software.

SpyHunter Detects & Remove CoolWebSearch

File System Details

CoolWebSearch may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. uc1362.exe 4976bb48a9f2fa8eb7a19f46b797c312 1
2. rsysinit.exe 41d7bbec3b2bc56a523523397978da6e 1
3. third love.exe 14c3db0f7ed243bb5353b4b855e6de98 0
4. editpad.exe f176fa7a43cfaa9fdeb798b8c746f9d0 0
5. iexplorer.exe ac61b50419f874260a67c85acd8ea8ca 0
6. accesss.exe deda65303ef2f2ce3bc625c1cbad1ce5 0
7. iedll.exe fe28422592c516f6f5138609446368cf 0
8. win64.exe 1b351540eec899e91d63d9c1e466c735 0
9. qttasks.exe bf3cf36a72cf27a64f21cbf9134f6ed4 0
10. svchost32.exe 95d8d1f08b7f88f1e61616790d4055b6 0
11. waol.exe d5b080ea4a1c219bffcb6a5e5d94e35e 0
12. msupdate.exe 829881bd2981178ccdcf945f0a3d0c30 0
13. svcinit.exe 312544f9eae93d1e80258267137d4a31 0
14. winmgnt.exe 2fb2d1aa9a445614d0d07c1bd03461b2 0
15. internet.exe 3ded54edea9488b3177c3c8981dbd01c 0
16. loader.exe 02c588d40bc0e511690f1cfa7f8047dd 0
17. win32e.exe 7607f53286d88c8816ccc6822e4a0e5f 0
18. time.exe e8f70c8a1f9b78232187855eb709fe7b 0
19. funniest.exe 2f2ce1eba638136042b6bd9bef9ad634 0
20. x.exe 2a98a97c6e8582957b5577c3d3cd9cfe 0
21. svchost.exe 30f792c0af69801584462a0bb85928f0 0
22. y.exe cce97f3359c4dd28345436e0a5b4a543 0
23. window.exe 4049f412286d04892aee670dda627439 0
24. javaef.dll 949deaf6bced3ec6ac2bffcbb549ad1a 0
25. sp.exe, spr[1].exe 3da9e7dd50a1491924fa26c5286f8f90 0
26. 1tcdhfwx.exe, 26vks59f.exe, aiqkawmm.exe, du7nptd8.exe, fpxbnng9.exe, jbf4azag.exe, kn1k9r57.exe, pl7srsn5.exe, rhu3smep.exe, xyawckzp.exe, aimee2[2].exe 46dae5962f0ef360161e672299473f2c 0

Registry Details

CoolWebSearch may create the following registry entry or registry entries:
File name without path
Run keys

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