Threat Database Adware Coolncheap


By GoldSparrow in Adware

The CoolnCheap browser tool is promoted as an online shopping helper and classified by security researchers as adware that can be connected to the legitimate online store at The CoolnCheap adware may be attached to your web browser as an extension, an add-on or a Browser Helper Object in order to be able to present you with numerous advertisements. The commercials can take the form of ad boxes, pop-up windows, banners and contextual hyperlinks to sponsored products. The CoolnCheap browser tool can be found accompanying free application installers when you browse the 'Advanced' or 'Custom' option. The CoolnCheap adware serves as an advertising engine of retailers that may read the user's browsing history and allow them to push targeted ads. Adware such as the CoolnCheap browser tool allows retailers to reach out to many potential buyers, but you might find CoolnCheap's ads intrusive. You might not welcome the CoolnCheap adware on your system, and you could remove it with the help of a renowned anti-spyware application.


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