ConverterSearchPlus is a misleading file conversion add-on for popular Web browsers. Users might be tempted to install it because it promises to grant them the ability to convert various file formats with ease. However, ConverterSearchPlus's installation brings other changes too – it replaces the user's default search engine with, while the new tab page will be These search pages are not harmful, and their search features do work – however, they may prioritize ads and sponsored results, and this is something users do not enjoy, undoubtedly.

ConverterSearchPlus is considered a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), and users of reputable PC security tools will not be bothered by it. However, if your system is not protected sufficiently, there might be nothing to inform you about ConverterSearchPlus's questionable behavior. This is why it is advised to rely on an up-to-date antivirus product to keep not just malware but also PUPs and adware away from your computer.

If you are experiencing any of the changes linked to ConverterSearchPlus, you should take the required actions to eradicate this PUP with the assistance of a suitable security tool.


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