Threat Database Viruses 'Congratulations! You won!' Fake Message

'Congratulations! You won!' Fake Message

By ESGI Advisor in Viruses

'Congratulations! You won!' is a fabricated pop-up message that can copy itself and corrupt a PC. Usually, 'Congratulations! You won!' uses some secret techniques and obfuscation methods to disguise itself, therefore, blocking from easy detection. 'Congratulations! You won!' will create lots of random files and folders on your computer. They will consume system resources and fill up a hard disk. 'Congratulations! You won!' will display a number of unexpected messages and change your system settings. 'Congratulations! You won!' will play pranks and execute other annoying actions on your machine. 'Congratulations! You won!' will bring other dangerous dangerous malware threats to your computer. Congratulations! You won! will steal your private details (passwords, login names, etc.) valuable documents, identity details or friends' contacts.


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