Threat Database Adware 'Congratulations You Are Todays Winner' Pop-Ups

'Congratulations You Are Todays Winner' Pop-Ups

Countless shady actors online attempt to get their hands on unsuspecting users’ data using numerous tactics and tricks. Some of them go for the low-hanging fruit – email addresses, names, date of birth, etc. Others, however, try to extort more sensitive data like payment details, social security numbers, and other types information. One of the newly reporte tactics that attempts to collect the user’s credit card information is called the ‘Congratulations You Are Todays Winner’ scheme. The con-men behind this scam trick users into providing them with their payment information by claiming that they have been selected to gain a highly valued prize such as the latest model of iPhone, an expensive tablet, or another flashy item that will grab the user’s attention.

Attempts to Collect The User’s Credit Card Details

To be viable for receiving the promised prize, the user needs to fill in their details. That includes their home address, their email address, phone number, names, etc. After this step has been completed, the fake giveaway would require the user to provide them with their credit card information and the CCV number that is located on the back of their card. The fraudsters claim that this is done to confirm the identity of the user. However, this is a blatant lie, and there is no giveaway. Keep in mind that it is a red flag if a random website asks for your credit card details – do not trust it and leave the page immediately. Some users have reported that they encountered this bogus raffle on a website called However, it is likely that there are numerous fraudulent pages that are promoting this scam.

Users who give away their credit card details to con-artists like the ones operating the ‘Congratulations You Are Todays Winner’ scam are likely to suffer some financial losses. Never trust dodgy websites that claim you have won an amazing prize as nobody just gives away expensive items to random users online.


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