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'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The domain is used to scare users with fake Blue Screen of Death messages. BSOD messages are used by Microsoft Windows to inform users of critical system errors that may require technical expertise and prevent users from using their PCs. These jinx of BSOD messages are used to scare users into calling the technical support services at the 844-204-4599 toll-free phone number. However, you will not contact legitimate technical support on 844-204-4599 and might be instructed to install rogue security tools such as Anit-Virus Scanner and XP Home Security 2012 that will not protect you and may expose you to severe cyber threats. The domain is associated with a browser hijacker that may show pop-up windows and change your homepage and new tab page settings to make sure you are presented with the misleading content of The browser hijacker in question might change your settings in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, and work as a background process in the Windows Task Manager. The browser hijacker may have been installed as an additional component of a free program that you downloaded from a suspicious website. The browser hijacker may slow down your Web browser and use JavaScript to cause distorted rendering of pages to encourage users to call 844-204-4599. As stated above, the technical support on 844-204-4599 is not legitimate, and you may be directed to install harmful software and a Remote Desktop Client to give fake technicians remote access to your PC. You should not call 844-204-4599 and should install a credible anti-malware tool to remove the browser hijacker and prevent damages to your system.


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