'Your Computer is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' Pop-Ups

'Your Computer is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' Pop-Ups Description

The 'Your Computer is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' pop-ups are associated with a browser hijacking software that may affect Internet clients such as Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The browser hijacker at hand may have arrived on your PC with a freeware bundle and run as a browser add-on. Security experts have received complaints from users that the 'Your Computer is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' pop-ups appear at random intervals and suggest there are viruses on their PCs. The 'Your Computer is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' notifications are known to be hosted on untrusted pages and display the following message:

Your Computer is heavily damaged! (33.2%)
Please download PC Keeper™ application to remove (3) Viruses from your Pc.
Virus Name: Tapsnake; CronDNS; Dubfishicv
Risk: HIGH
Infected Files: /windows/apps/hidden/system32/X/snake.exe;
/windows/local/conf/keyboard/retype.exe ; /windows/remote/conf/services/defrag.exe…
Download and Repair Windows 10
Application: PC Keeper™
Rating: 9.9/10
Price: Free'

Experts note there are not threats under the names of Tapsnake, CronDNS and Dubfishicv. You do not need to install applications like PC Keeper to remove threats that do not exist. PC Keeper™ is a trademark reserved by Essentware S.A, which develop security products and their services are promoted on the 'Your Computer is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' pop-ups. We should note that there is no evidence to suggest the company behind PC Keeper is working with riskware developers to popularize their products. However, the pages hosting the promotions for PC Keeper may redirect users to several affiliated pages where adware is available for installation. Researchers have uncovered that the 'Your Computer is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' pop-ups may appear on the Microsoft-scanner.com-----------control.online domain and visitors can be redirected to a number of sites like:

  • ctr12.dmncontro12.online
  • etdna.bootstrapcdn.com
  • iozml.totalperfectinterface.com
  • oqizz.rewards.attainted.xyz
  • update.com reward.online

We have seen adware such as the Seen On Screen and iBryte hosted on sites related to the 'Your Computer is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' pop-ups. Computer users that wish to secure their PCs should not trust the 'Your Computer is heavily damaged! (33.2%)' alerts and seek the help of a credible anti-malware scanner that can remove browser hijacking software. A good cyber shield should be able to block connections to untrusted pages like those mentioned above and help you avoid potentially dangerous documents attached to spam mail.

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