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Pentagon Development of Specialized Malware to Sabotage ISIS Online Opposed by FBI December 23, 2015
Personal Data from 2.5 Million PSP and Xbox Forum Members Hacked and Exposed Online February 3, 2017
Personal Data of Millions of Georgian Voters Exposed Online March 31, 2020
Personal Info of 100 Million JustDial Customers Leaked April 18, 2019
Petya Ransomware Reemerges Launching Massive Fast-Spreading Global Cyberattack June 27, 2017
Petya/NotPetya Ransomware CyberAttack: It Wasn't About the Money June 29, 2017
Pharmacy Spam Emails Use Malicious QR (Quick Response) Codes to Target Mobile Users January 12, 2012
Phishing Accounts for 67% of Malware Attacks During 2017 Q2 According to Report August 9, 2017
Phishing Alert: Fake Nelson Mandela Foundation Email Scam December 28, 2009
Phishing Campaign Spreads the Feature-Packed Babylon RAT May 25, 2019
Pokemon Go Imposters Continue to Threaten Android Devices July 16, 2016
Police Took Payoffs from Russian Cyber Gang October 22, 2009
Poor Port Protection Puts Millions of Web Radio Devices At Risk September 19, 2019
Poorly Coded Mac Ransomware Spreading via Torrents, Doesn't Decrypt Files after Paying Ransom February 23, 2017
Popular Gadget Blog Gizmodo Victimized by Malvertising Scam October 28, 2009
Popularized Java Blackhole Exploit Kit Attacks Found to Push Urausy and Reveton Ransomware November 20, 2012
Port of San Diego Ransomware Attack: Aftermath of the Lowdown SamSam Malware March 4, 2019
Potential InterContinental Hotels Data Breach Puts Customer Credit Card Data at Risk January 4, 2017
Potential User Privacy Violation: WhatsApp Messages Backed Up to Google Drive Left Unencrypted August 29, 2018
Primary Malware Distribution Methods Extending to Mobile Apps and Social Media February 26, 2016
Prince Harry Nude Photos in Las Vegas Web Search May Lead to Malware and Scams August 22, 2012
Princeton Research Reveals that Top Websites are Recording Users' Personal Data November 25, 2017
Project Blitzkrieg 'Prinimalka' Malware Attack Responsible for Compromising Hundreds of Banking Accounts December 14, 2012
QakBot Reappears to Swipe Banking Login Credentials for Shrewd Hackers June 5, 2017
RAA Ransomware Uses JavaScript for Disguise to Infect Computers and Encrypt Data June 15, 2016
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