Infographic: Trusteer Lays Out Malware Trends Forecast for 2013

The security firm Trusteer has crafted a creative infographic, Figure 1 below, laying out their predictions for malware trends in 2013 including what they suspect to be the most dangerous to expect. The infographic goes into depth, much of which is congruent with our recent malware trend predictions for 2013, to explain why an emergence of malware targeting specific entities is expected.

Among the specific targets of emerging malware expected in 2013, the Trusteer infographic explains Google Chrome, enterprises, financial institutions, and 64-bit Windows infrastructure are all targets. The emerging malware reviled in the infographic are already a part of what we have seen an up-tick before the conclusion of 2012. Now that 2013 has come, we expect many of these predictions to come to maturity and an incline of supporting malware, or threats derived from popular infections initiated throughout this new year.

Figure 1.'s 2013 Malware Trends Forecast
trusteer 2013 malware trends infographic