Computer Security 'How to Hack ISIS' Guides Released by Anonymous Hacker...

'How to Hack ISIS' Guides Released by Anonymous Hacker Group to Continue Fight Against ISIS Terrorists

how to hack isis guides by anonymous releasedWhile law enforcement agencies in Paris continue to fight ISIS and those responsible for the recent attacks, the Anonymous hacker group is ramping up their efforts to join in on the war against terrorism by releasing a "How to Hack ISIS" guide.

Just as we reported yesterday, Anonymous is a hacker group known for taking action against entities that they have a disagreement. For obvious reasons, Anonymous is hell-bent against the recent deadly attacks from ISIS.

Anonymous has waged their own war against ISIS over the internet by taking down over 5,500 ISIS-owned Twitter accounts thus far and now released a "How to Hack ISIS" guide that will arm other hackers with the ability to thwart online entities belonging to the terrorist group.

The efforts of Anonymous in their attack on ISIS is turning out to be relentless and we see no sign of them slowing down. In fact, Anonymous' how to hack ISIS guide is released in three different variations so "ordinary" people can use them to help the cause to attack ISIS.

The three how to hack ISIS guides each have their own name, NoobGuide, ReporterGuide, and SearcherGuide. The NoobGuide is one that is geared more towards experienced hackers explaining the basic principles of DDoSing, WIFI deauth, password cracking, and many other hacker terms. The ReporterGuide is geared towards launching a reporter bot against a list of Twitter account IDs so people can discover and take down ISIS-related accounts. The SearcherGuide is a means of explaining how people can help the Anonymous hacker group find additional websites and information related to ISIS so they may later target those areas.

While ISIS has remained mostly quiet in response to Anonymous' actions taken against them, there have been snapshots taken of the terrorist group making short remarks about the hacker group on private channels. The alleged heads of the ISIS terrorist group are now calling the Anonymous hackers idiots and claiming they have a lack of cyber skills.

We expect the short remarks made about Anonymous by ISIS to only exacerbate the qualm between the groups and Anonymous may become even more aggressive in their approach of attacking ISIS within their "Internet" powers. Either way, the fight is on, and Anonymous may become an ally among law enforcement who are activity seeking out ISIS.