'Test A New iPad or iPhone 4 And Keep It' Scams Hits Facebook

iphone 4 ipad tester facebook scamHave you ever seen those offers posted on one of your Facebook friend’s walls that says you can test a new Apple iPad or iPhone 4 and get to keep the device? What about an offer saying you can keep an iPhone 4 for ever as long as you give your opinion? These offers sound great but, unfortunately, it is another clever scam that uses Facebook and could lead a computer user to malware or a data-stealing website.

It seems like almost every day that there's a new type of scam circulating on Facebook. Similar to the 'I am shocked… never texting again…' scam on Facebook, the iPad or iPhone tester scam preys on Facebook users who are use to receiving interesting news from friends and families through their Facebook profile. One of the 'Test A New iPad or iPhone 4 And Keep It' messages reads:

Hey, 3 days ago I signed up at [hxxp://www.iphone4gtester2010.info/ -DO NOT VISIT] as a tester and today I got my iPhone4g. All you need to do is to tell them your opinion about iPhone 4g and you can keep it forever. You should hurry since i highly doubt this is gonna last forever

One interesting thing to note about the message above is that there is no such thing as an iPhone 4G. The new Apple iPhone is simply called 'iPhone 4' and does not offer '4G' service capabilities. Also, it is very rare to nearly impossible that a company such as Apple will promote an offer to test devices through Facebook and advise the tester to keep the device.

Scams such as these are designed to see how far an attacker can get by deceiving a Facebook user. Usually, these scams will lead users to a phishing site or some type of faux survey that cleverly forces a person to relinquish personal information. By giving up personal information, the cybercrooks are able to steal a person's identity. Not only are you at risk of identity theft by clicking on these bogus links provided in recent Facebook scams, but it could very well infect your computer with malware.

If you have ever mistakenly clicked on a link provided in a recent Facebook scam, it is highly advisable that you change your Facebook password immediately. If you are an avid Facebook user, then you should 'LIKE' our Facebook Page to stay updated on the latest scams and security threats on Facebook. We usually update our Facebook page daily with new threats, security news and security alerts to help keep you protected.