Web surfers that like to participate in lotteries and play online roulette on sites like and may believe the messages from that may appear on their screens. The messages may be loaded into a pop-up window, be titled 'Congratulations!' and urge users to select their gift. Security authorities alert that the domain is related to a browser hijacker that may arrive on your PC as a browser extension. The browser hijacker may claim to extend the functionality of a free program like Power App. The pop-ups by should not be trusted because users will not receive gifts from cyber threat actors. Needless to say, users that click on the images at may be suggested to subscribe to a premium phone services to proceed to the contact form and receive their gift. That is a traditional technique that is employed by third parties to claim affiliate marketing revenue. The browser functions like the Tracksrv adware and may connect a network of domains to load advertisements.

Security authorities reveal that the domain is related to,, and and users may be redirected to either one of those sites. Web filters like Google Safe Browsing, Mozilla Phishing Protection, and Barracuda Web Filter blacklisted the sites mentioned before. Therefore, users that are presented with pop-ups by,,, and should avoid interaction with the hosted content. The browser hijacker at hand may generate dynamic advertising content and users may notice the typical 'Congratulations!' messages, surveys, video commercials, and 'You are our lucky winner!' notifications. The promotional materials that are linked to a browser hijacker may include links to harmful software and threats like the HanJuan and Sibhost Exploit kits. PC users can resolve issues with browser hijackers and adware by utilizing a trustworthy anti-malware software.