ComboTab Description

The ComboTab is a Google Chrome extension is associated with a rather severe browser hijacker that may use the domain to show numerous advertisements, redirect users to online stores and show pop-up windows occasionally. The ComboTab is advertised as a tool that can provide computer users with an easy search, 'A simple new tab page for your Chrome with Weather, Search and Quick Apps' but its browser hijacker may manipulate the settings of Google Chrome to show pop-ups by ComboTab and open several tabs loaded with advertisements every time you start an online session. Browser hijackers and adware applications may use shareware or free games to penetrate a computer without the user knowledge.

Additionally, the ComboTab browser hijacker may use a Registry key to obstruct you from changing your default search provider and homepage manually. The browser hijacker associated with ComboTab may add Registry keys in Windows to boot up with the OS and start a background service to execute its operations. Moreover, the ComboTab browser hijacker runs several JavaScripts that might slow down your Web browser and cause crashes. The ComboTab browser hijacker may use HTTP and session cookies, as well as read your browsing history to generate tailor-suited advertisements. You might want to use a trustable anti-malware application to clean your system from the ComboTab, browser hijacker.

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