The website is a dodgy page, which has no quality content to offer its users. There are countless useless pages like the site on the Web. They serve no purpose but to hijack the Web browser notifications of their visitors.

As soon as the page is launched, it will display a prompt that would require the users to click ‘Allow’ if they wish to continue. This is known as the ‘Please Click Allow to Continue’ low-tier online tactic. Often, the prompt is presented as a CAPTCHA test that the user needs to complete before viewing the content of the page. Naturally, this is not a real CAPTCHA test. Completing the fake test will permit the site to send the user push-notifications via their Web browser. The site is known to bombard its users with unwanted advertisements via their Web browser notifications, even if they are watching a movie, working or playing video games. It is best to avoid clicking on the advertisements spawned by the site because they are likely to promote dodgy services and overpriced products.

Avoid granting sites like the page any permissions. To stop the spam advertisements unleashed by the site, open your Web browser configurations and revoke all the permissions that have been granted to this page.


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