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At first glance, the website appears to be quite popular, averaging surprising high numbers of visitors. However, this traffic is generated through illicit means and is the result of a browser hijacker. Basically, is associated with a type of malware infection which was created to take over the victim's web browser and to force it to carry out various tasks, such as visiting a particular website constantly, displaying pop-up windows or changing the web browser's settings without the computer user's authorization. If you suspect that your computer system is infected with malware associated with, ESG security researchers recommend running a complete scan of your computer using a good anti-malware program. While is not particularly dangerous, its association with extremely dangerous Trojans and rootkits makes a threat to your computer system's integrity. in particular has been known to display constant pop-up windows, which make browsing difficult at the least.

Symptoms of a Browser Hijacker Infection

There are several symptoms of a browser hijacker infection. Basically, the main goal of this kind of malware infection is ensuring that the victim's web browser visits as often as possible, generating advertisement revenue through these artificially-inflated web traffic numbers. Some symptoms of a malware infection include these following:

  • Most browser hijackers associated with malicious search engines like will change the results on reliable search engines so that they link to instead of to their corresponding website. Inexperienced computer users may then mistake for a legitimate search engine, falling prey to the various seedy websites advertised through the web page.
  • The main symptom of a infection is the appearance of constant, annoying pop-up windows with the web page as well as various kinds of fake error messages and alerts. These will often be connected with other scams apart from, making it doubly important to deal with a infection immediately.
  • If your computer system is infected with malware, you may find that your web browser's preferences have been changed so that is the web browser's home page. may also have been added to infected browser's bookmarks and default search engines.
  • Browser hijackers can severely alter your computer system's normal operation. You may find that your computer is slow, unresponsive and crashes frequently. Your Internet connection speed may also be decreased, with your web browser taking a lot time to load pages.


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