ClixSense Toolbar

ClixSense Toolbar Description

The ClixSense Toolbar may be used to cause browser redirects and to display advertisements on affected computers. The ClixSense Toolbar is one of the many PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that are used to promote and redirect computer users to the Conduit search engine. Typically, this is done so that marketers can profit from the increase in Web traffic this causes. One particularly worrying aspect of the ClixSense Toolbar is that the ClixSense Toolbar contains components that may keep a record of your online history and activity. This type of data may be sold to marketers or be used to deliver advertisements to your computer. Because of this, ESG security researchers strongly advise computer users to uninstall the ClixSense Toolbar and to avoid using these types of browser extensions.

Symptoms Associated with the ClixSense Toolbar

Computer users have reported numerous issues with the ClixSense Toolbar. Some examples include the fact that the ClixSense Toolbar makes changes to the affected Web browser's settings and that the ClixSense Toolbar causes redirects to the Conduit search engine and similar URLs. The ClixSense Toolbar also may be responsible for the appearance of pop-ups and sliding advertisements on the affected computer. There have been detected performance problems in association with the ClixSense Toolbar, including a slower than normal Internet connection and frequent freezing and crashing of the affected Web browser.

Avoiding Suspicious Add-Ons is a Good Way to Prevent Threats Such as the ClixSense Toolbar

Usually, the ClixSense Toolbar can be removed using normal removal techniques from your Web browser settings or your computer's control panel. Since the ClixSense Toolbar has been associated with potentially harmful files and components, it is important to use a strong anti-malware program to ensure that no files associated with ClixSense Toolbar remain on your computer. In many cases, you may need to undo changes made to your computer's preferences by the ClixSense Toolbar (such as changing your homepage, default search engine, and Web browser security settings). In the future, ESG malware researchers recommend that you avoid these types of suspicious Web browser add-ons.

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