Many shady actors online opt to build fraudulent websites for various dodgy purposes. The creators of the site are likely to host dubious content connected to different scams.

Likely Attempts to Sell Fake Anti-Malware Solutions

Visitors of the website report that they have come across pop-up windows that would claim that the user has to renew their antivirus software subscription, or they will be exposed to numerous threats online. Some users who are concerned about their computer’s health and the safety of their data may end up clicking on the pop-up in order to learn more. However, they are likely to immediately be redirected to a fake site that serves to advertise a fraudulent anti-malware solution. To subscribe to this bogus security service, the user will be required to fill in their payment data, which may expose their sensitive information to the scammers.

Often, websites that aim to sell fake antivirus applications would attempt to use social engineering techniques to trick users into paying for their bogus services. More often than not, the user will be presented with a fraudulent report on their system’s health, which would indicate a number of critical issues that need to be resolved immediately. However, this is nothing more than cheap tricks, and users are advised to ignore websites that claim to present them with a legitimate report on their system’s safety as Web pages are not capable of analysis of this kind.

If you have come across the page, you may have been browsing dodgy sites like shady gambling platforms, adult entertainment websites, pages streaming pirated media, etc. It is advisable to avoid shady websites and make sure you have installed a reputable anti-malware solution that will make sure your data and your system’s health are taken care of.


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