ClickMovieSearch Description

ClickMoviesSearch may describe itself as providing users with some convenient and useful features, but the truth is very different - the main purpose of the application is to promote and generate artificial traffic toward a fake search engine. There are countless applications similar to ClickMovieSearch that are nearly identical in functionality. The main differences between them are the specific address that is being promoted and how deep their data harvesting abilities can reach. 

 In the case of ClickMovieSearch, it promotes the fake engine at It does so by taking control over certain browser settings - the homepage, new page tab, and the default search engine, and making them open the promoted address from now on. Users will not be able to revert these settings to their original states while ClickMovieSearch is still present on the computer. 

 Every time that the affected browser or a new tab is being opened, it would immediately inflate the traffic towards the promoted address. Furthermore, is considered to be a fake search engine due to one very obvious reason - it cannot produce any search results on its own. Indeed, any search query conducted by the user will be taken and redirected to a legitimate search engine for any results to be generated. ClickMovieSearch redirects through

 Having any browser hijacker application present on your computer represents a huge security issue that must be dealt with as soon as possible.

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