Threat Database Browser Hijackers

By ESGI Advisor in Browser Hijackers is a pop-up window and advertisement platform that may be linked to PUP infections. Potentially Unwanted Programs may be responsible for numerous unwanted symptoms on affected computers and is better if removed right away using an approved security application. Generally, PUPs linked to are used to generate profits from advertising at the expense of computer users. Using pop-up messages, browser redirects and other questionable techniques, marketers may use the affected Web browser to generate revenue by forcing it to click on affiliate marketing links, visit sponsored websites repeatedly and installing advertisements inside websites visited by the PC user.

If your computer is presenting issues associated with, security researchers strongly advise the use of an appropriate security program to inspect the compromised computer and prevent marketers from profiting at your expense. Although these PUPs may be uninstalled, traces of them may remain. Because of this, a full scan of the affected computer and manual restoration of your system settings is fully recommended.

Preventing Issues Associated with

Generally, PUPs associated with may enter a computer through a technique known as bundling, although these PUPs may also use typical threat delivery methods. Bundling simply consists in bundling the PUP with other software. PUPs associated with may be bundled with legitimate freeware programs downloaded from a suspicious source or being monetized by their creators. During the installation process, the computer user may find an option to install a Web browser toolbar or an add-on associated with This option may be chosen by default. Even though the user may opt out of setting up PUPs linked to, many computer users may overlook this option since they do not fathom the true purpose of these types of Web browser components or because they have rushed through the installation process.


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