By GoldSparrow in Potentially Unwanted Programs

Cinem4s is a potentially unwanted program that could act much like adware in that it serves various ads as pop-ups or displays offers for adding services to your web browser and internet surfing experience. The Cinem4s program, or also known as Cinem4s 2.1, may conduct various actions that prove to be unwanted and mostly annoying. These actions rendered Cinem4s may cause your web surfing experience to be cumbersome where Cinem4s could display several pop-up notifications in an attempt to offer various services that could prove to be unwanted or questionable. Cinem4s may also cause redirects to other sites automatically loaded on your web browser application. Removal of Cinem4s will stop these actions from taking place. Usually the removal process can be successfully executed and carried out through the use of an antispyware application.

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