is the name of a low-quality Web page that does not host any content. If you are among the irritated users that are bombarded with advertisements by the site, you may have allowed this page to send you push-notifications accidentally.

The goal of Web pages like the site is not to offer you valuable content but to hijack the notifications of your Web browser. Upon opening the site, you will see a prompt that will request you to click on the 'Allow' button. This is known as the so-called 'Please Click Allow to Continue.' This online con is utilized by numerous dodgy websites like the page. Once the site gets permission to display Web browser notifications, it will start flooding the user with unwanted advertisements. The advertisements in question may promote some unsafe, overpriced services and products, so you are better off avoiding them.

If you want to prevent the site from sending you notifications, you should open your Web browser's configurations and revoke the permissions that have been granted to this shady site.


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