Description is a browser hijacker that promotes a fake search engine by causing unsolicited redirects of users to potentially unsafe websites. This suspicious search tool falls in the Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) category due to its dubious distributions methods. Users do not install deliberately. Rather, it manages to sneak into the targeted computers as part of other software programs' installation files.

A classic symptom of is the appearance of some unknown browser extension on the victim's computer. Then, this malware type takes over the browser hijackers' settings and modifies them in a way that allows it to fulfill its unreliable intentions. The users will notice that their homepage and default search engine have been changed to automatically. As a result, victims are forced to visit and use this fake search engine each time they launch their browser or make an online search query.

Browser hijackers like should be removed from the infected computer immediately, as they typically have data-tracking features as well. Many of them can record search terms, visited URLs, geolocations, and even confidential user data. To prevent privacy issues and financial losses, use a reputable malware removal tool to clean up your system.