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Carberp Trojan

By JubileeX in Trojans

Carberp Trojan is a Trojan horse that puts system files and personal data at great risk of being stolen or compromised. Carberp Trojan has been known to download adware or malicious files onto an infected computer. The detection and manual removal of Carberp Trojan may be difficult in many cases, should one attempt to do so without the assistance of a spyware scan tool designed to detect and remove Trojan infections like Carberp Trojan.

Carberp Trojan is particularly damaging to a computer system, once it has fully embedded itself within the PC's system, therefore it is given a high priority security risk status by many computer analysts. The fact that Carberp Trojan can easily enter any PC system via security exploits and flaws, most times without the user's interaction, means that it is that much easier for Carberp Trojan to enter the system and ensure the system's security is immensely compromised.

Risks include: the opening of illicit network connections, the use of polymorphic tactics to self-mutate, the disabling of already installed security software, modification of system files, and not forgetting the installation of additional malware. Furthermore, these security risks may also collect and transmit personally identifiable information (PII) without the user’s consent thus severely degrading the performance and stability of the computer. The best way to deal with the threat of Carberp Trojan is to terminate it from the affected system immediately.

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