Capital Buff

Capital Buff is a browser hijacker that is known to affect popular web browser applications so it may alter your browsing experience. It usually enters your computer when you download and install free software or visit malicious websites. Moreover, Capital Buff is usually in the form of a browser extension or add-on component.

What does Capital Buff do When Loaded?

Once it loads in your web browser program, Capital Buff can change your default search engine, homepage, and new tab page to a potentially malicious website. It can also display unwanted ads and pop-ups, redirect your search queries to unrelated websites, and collect your browsing data. Such data may be leveraged in a way to display annoying advertisements that attempt to gain clicks from you as part of a potential pay-per-click scheme for its creators.

How to Stop and Remove Capital Buff

To remove Capital Buff from your browser, you may follow a manual process of finding the associated browser extension or utilizing an antimalware application to automatically detect and eliminate Capital Buff.

To prevent Capital Buff and other browser hijackers from affecting your computer, you should always download software from reputable sources and avoid visiting suspicious websites. You should also keep your browser and antivirus software up-to-date and be cautious when clicking on links or downloading attachments from unknown sources.


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