pop-ups are part of a browser-based tactic that attempts to fool users into subscribing to push notifications. This is done with the idea of sending unwanted advertisements directly to a user's computer or other devices. is a malicious website that displays fake error messages, tricking users into subscribing to their browser notifications. The fake error messages displayed by the website may look like the following: wants to Show notification.
Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!

Users are advised to avoid clicking on the 'Allow' button when they notice such messages. Doing so would allow the website to send off spam pop-ups within the browser, be it on a computer or a phone, even if the browser is closed.

The spam notifications are often connected to adult websites, online games, fake software updates and potentially unwanted programs. Adware such as ads may be spreading through the use of Trojans or other kinds of unsafe software, but most often, the source of these problems comes from free software bundles. A lot of free applications have optional software as part of their installation, so users should pay attention to the installation. Selecting manual, custom or advanced installation options, checking for any additional software, and reading the Terms and Conditions of the installation should help reject such options.


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