BYOML Chrome Extension

The BYOML Chrome Extension is a free browser extension that you can find at and on its official site at The application’s name stands for ‘Best Year Of My Life,’ and it is designed to change your new tab experience. The BYOML Chrome Extension is promoted to greet Web surfers with “an uplifting inspiration quote every time you open a new tab, provide the best tips to improve your life and lead you to a healthier, more confident life.” The application is designed to change the new tab page in your Google Chrome browser to an offline page that appears as ‘BYOML | chrome-extension://lofpmibabeibcaoaddiljhkbjmfflphk/newtab.html’ in the Omnibox. Also, the BYOML Chrome Extension adds an hourglass icon colored in black to your navigation panel that can be used to open a new tab with an inspirational quote with a single click. The BYOML New Tab offers dynamically changing backgrounds, inspiring quotations and a search bar. If you are willing to try out the BYOML Chrome Extension, you will be required to click OK on the following notification pop-up displayed by the Chrome Web Store:

‘Add “BYOML”?
It can:
Read and change all your data on the websites you visit
Replace the page you see when opening a new tab
Display notifications
Manage your apps, extensions, and themes’

You should note that the BYOML Chrome Extension is created by a media platform called Genieo that is governed by a marketing company called Genieo Innovation Ltd. The company behind the BYOML Chrome Extension is famous for tracking the user interests and curating media feeds according to your recent Internet activity. However, some users have complained about invasion of privacy by Genieo. The BYOML Chrome Extension might use proprietary fingerprinting technologies, cross-site tracking and push targeted promotional materials to Web surfers. There are no opt-out options regarding the advertisements that BYOML Chrome Extension may deliver to your new tab. You may want to read the EULA and the Privacy Policy published at and very carefully.

The BYOML Chrome Extension is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that might change your default search to and load search results by Yahoo. The BYOML Chrome Extension has no ‘Settings’ panel, and you can’t customize the application. PC users may want to remove the BYOML Chrome Extension and disable unsolicited the fingerprinting technologies that are associated with Genieo.


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