There are numerous Web pages that do not exist to provide valuable content but to trick users. One of these shady websites is the Buteddespita.club page. The administrators of the Buteddespita.club site run a tactic called ‘Please Click Allow to Continue.’

Just like many other fake sites of this type, the Buteddespita.club page uses a fake CAPTCHA test to trick users into allowing it to display Web browser notifications. Once you launch the Buteddespita.club site, you will be asked to click on the ‘Allow’ button on the prompt spawned on your screen. This is presented as a security test you need to complete to access the site’s content. However, if you agree with the instructions provided by the Buteddespita.club site, you will subscribe to the Web browser notifications of this dodgy page. The website will use the permission to spam you with advertisements that are likely to promote low-quality products and services.

Make sure you revoke all permissions granted to the Buteddespita.club site via the settings of your Web browser.


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