Threat Database Browser Hijackers

The website does not host any unsafe content, but it is a shady page that should be avoided. Users who come across the page were likely looking for illicit streams of football (soccer) games from the German football league called the Bundesliga. We recommend you not to visit websites like the as they are hosting illicit content and often have malvertising present on their page. These malvertising campaigns tend to promote low-quality products and dodgy or fake services.

Uses Social Engineering Tricks

The site, much like many other shady pages, is likely to use a variety of social engineering techniques to manipulate the actions of the user. Among them can be:

  • The users may be asked to download and install a fake codec pack or media player if they want to watch the stream they claim to host – the persons may, therefore, be tricked into installing a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) on their systems.
  • The page may ask for permission to display notifications in the users’ Web browser, and if they agree, it is likely that the shady website may begin spamming them with advertisements in the shape of notifications even when they are browsing a different site.

The also is likely to host unwanted advertisements that are known to promote shady content such as adult entertainment, dodgy gambling platforms and bogus contests and raffles.
It is not recommended to browse low-quality websites like the page as not only do they sometimes host unsafe content, but they hide other risks too. If you are receiving notifications from the page, you should go to your Web browser’s settings and revoke all permissions given to the website.


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