The is a fake website that is designed to mislead its users into providing it with permission to display Web browser notifications. The site may pretend to host very engaging content that will grab your attention and trick you into launching this bogus Web page. However, unfortunately, there is no content worth your time on the site as this is nothing more than an empty page.

The operators of the site use the popular 'Click Allow to Continue' low-level online tactic. This trick is utilized by countless bogus websites. Users are required to click on the 'Allow' button spawned on their screens if they choose togo ahead and view the content they were promised. The site would claim that users who do not comply will not get access to the content of the page. Clicking on the 'Allow' button will give permission to the site to send you push notifications. These notifications can be very annoying because even when your Web browser is closed, the website will continue the relentless notification spam. The uses the Web browser push notifications to bombard users with unwanted advertisements. The site is very likely to be working with dodgy advertisement companies that are promoting shady products and low-quality services. This is why engaging with the advertisements delivered via the website is not recommended at all.

The website will not stop spamming you with advertisements unless you revoke the permissions you have given it. This can be done via your Web browser settings easily.


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