is a browser-based tactic that aims to trick the unsuspecting user into allowing it to display an endless stream of advertisements through push notifications. While appears to be a website without any real content, anyone who has been redirected to it will be asked to subscribe for its browser notifications. 

The main method for achieving this goal is through deceptive fake error messages such as "Click Allow to confirm you are not a robot." Several other pop-up boxes also will be generated in an attempt to convince the user to click the "Allow" button on just one of them. 

If is successful, then it will start delivering pop-up advertisements on the targeted device, it doesn't matter if it's a computer, phone, or a tablet, even if the browser itself has already been closed. In most cases, the advertisements will be for online Web games, fake software updates that may lead to more malware threats attempting to infiltrate the user's device or other unwanted programs. 

Anyone who has had the adversity of falling for's tricks and now wants to stop the annoying notifications will have to go to the respective browser settings and revoke the permissions given to it.


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