Threat Database Adware BrainFakBanana


By GoldSparrow in Adware

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 6,408
Threat Level: 10 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 556
First Seen: January 26, 2015
Last Seen: September 16, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Malware researchers have received complaints involving pop-up windows and suspicious error messages linked to BrainFakBanana. BrainFakBanana is a Potentially Unwanted Program. BrainFakBanana is a component specifically designed to generate revenue from advertising and marketing on computer users' computers, often causing various issues. PUPs like BrainFakBanana may generate revenue at the expense of computer users in the following ways:

  • BrainFakBanana and similar PUPs may add a large number of advertisements to affected Web browsers. When computer users browse the Web, BrainFakBanana may insert advertisements into the viewed websites or cause the affected Web browser to display BrainFakBanana-related advertisements in pop-up windows or new tabs.
  • BrainFakBanana and similar adware also may generate revenue by directing computer users to specific websites such as low-quality search engines which are then manipulated to display search results that are actually sponsored links. Directing computer users to specific websites increases these websites' traffic and page ranking artificially, resulting in greater advertisement revenue for their creators.
  • BrainFakBanana may keep track of computer users' online activities and their computer's settings in order to deliver targeted advertisements or carry out other types of marketing activities.

In most cases, BrainFakBanana is installed by an unaware computer user, often after installing another program on the affected computer. Freeware software from unreliable sources may be bundled with low-quality PUPs like BrainFakBanana in order to generate revenue. The installer may be hidden, or the computer user may be prompted to install BrainFakBanana and similar PUPs, with the option to opt out hidden or not completely visible. It is easy to tell if BrainFakBanana has been installed on your computer. The most apparent symptom is the emergence of advertisements and pop-up windows that contain some sort of message related to BrainFakBanana, such as 'advertisements by BrainFakBanana' or 'Brought to you by BrainFakBanana.' Although BrainFakBanana is not threatening, its presence on your computer may cause numerous problems. Because of this, malware researchers highly recommend removing BrainFakBanana immediately with the help of a reliable security program that is up-to-date.

Removing BrainFakBanana and Other PUPs

PUPs like BrainFakBanana are not threatening and don't represent a threat. However, they may be quite irritating and affect your computer's performance. Dealing with PUPs like BrainFakBanana may be convoluted because they are not entirely forthright when it comes to their removal, often preventing computer users from accessing their Web browser's extensions or add-ons manager. To remove PUPs like BrainFakBanana, computer users will first need to access their Control Panel and remove BrainFakBanana like they would do with any other application (using the 'Add and Remove Programs' panel). However, it is important to confirm that all files and folders linked to BrainFakBanana have indeed been removed. It is also a wise measure to verify that all Registry entries associated with BrainFakBanana have been removed as well.

Since BrainFakBanana may make changes to the affected Web browser automatically, PC security researchers advice undoing any changes made to your Web browser's default search engine or home page automatically. It is then necessary to run a full scan of your computer with a reliable security program that is fully updated. Although BrainFakBanana is not threatening, pop-up messages and advertisements linked to BrainFakBanana may have caused other PUPs or unwanted components to enter your computer automatically. To prevent future problems similar to BrainFakBanana, PC security researchers recommend taking extra care when installing any new application to guarantee that it has not been bundled with PUPs like BrainFakBanana without your knowledge. Maintaining an active security application that is capable of detecting and removing PUPs can also prevent these types of components from being installed in advance.


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