By CagedTech in Adware

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 14
First Seen: November 19, 2014
Last Seen: July 7, 2020
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Malware researchers have reported a wide variety of PUPs that follow the same basic attack pattern, offering computer users cheap deals, coupons, and other special offers as they install a Web browser add-on. In fact, these Web browser extensions may be Potentially Unwanted Programs. Their main goal is to force computer users to view advertisements and visit certain websites repeatedly. PC security analysts have associated Boomdeal with the following problems:

  • Boomdeal may cause performance issues on affected Web browsers.
  • Boomdeal may cause affected Web browsers to display pop-up windows and irritating advertisements.
  • Boomdeal may make changes to Web browser settings.

The main purpose of Boomdeal is to profit from advertising by inserting numerous advertisements into websites accessed by the computer's Web browser. Because of this, PC security researchers recommend that computer users avoid Boomdeal and remove this Web browser add-on if Boomdeal has already been installed on your computer.

Why Boomdeal and Similar PUPs are Created?

There are many reasons why a program could be considered as a PUP rather than a legitimate Web browser add-on or extension. Despite not being threatening or destructive like Trojans or rootkits, PUPs may have numerous irritating symptoms or bring computers into contact with more threatening types of online content. Some of the characteristics of PUPs like Boomdeal may include:

  • PUPs may be distributed using methods similar to threats. A program could be considered a PUP because it is installed on a computer automatically or using social engineering tactics.
  • PUPs may cause irritating symptoms that interfere with the user's experience.
  • PUPs may cause system performance issues on the computer.
  • PUPs may make a computer more vulnerable to threats or to other PUPs, often by decreasing its security settings automatically.

The above characteristics all fit when it comes to Boomdeal. Boomdeal is mostly distributed by bundling Boomdeal with low quality software and installing Boomdeal automatically. Boomdeal may cause irritating symptoms and performance issues, causing Web browsers to run slowly and causing them to display pop-up windows. Boomdeal also may make computers more vulnerable due to its association with risky advertisements and other PUPs. Finally, Boomdeal may try to make money by taking advantage of computer users by forcing them to view online advertisements repeatedly.

Removing Boomdeal from Your Web Browser

Removing Boomdeal may be difficult. Boomdeal is designed so that computer users cannot remove Boomdeal easily using their Web browser extensions manager. Rather, they may have to access the Control Panel and remove Boomdeal using the Add and Remove Programs feature in Windows. However, uninstalling Boomdeal may not be enough. If you want to avoid a return of Boomdeal, then you also may need to undo any unwanted changes made by Boomdeal to your computer's settings, and hunt down any components associated with Boomdeal that may remain on the affected PC. Boomdeal may have been installed by a threat infection, and Boomdeal may have been installed along with multiple other PUPs. It is because of this that PC security researchers strongly recommend the use of an anti-malware program to clean the affected PC completely after uninstalling Boomdeal and reverting any unwanted changes made to system and Web browser settings.


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