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BoBrowser is associated with the bobrowser.exe executable file. Computer users have reported success in removing BoBrowser by removing all instances of BoBrowser manually from their computer and Windows Registry. PC security researchers also recommend the use of a reliable, fully updated security application capable of detecting and removing low-level threats like PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), browser hijackers and adware.

BoBrowser May Hijack Your Web Browser and Cause Numerous Malfunctions

BoBrowser may be a particularly problematic Web browser hijacker. As soon as BoBrowser is installed, BoBrowser may take over Web browsers on the affected computer and carries out affiliate marketing activities and similar tasks that may be associated with adware and PUPs. These activities may be designed to profit at the expense of computer users, by delivering intrusive advertising or gathering marketing data from the affected computer. The following are some of the ways BoBrowser may use in order to take advantage of affected computer users:

  1. BoBrowser may interfere with legitimate searches carried out on the affected Web browser. BoBrowser may affect most search engine results, including Bing, Google and Yahoo. BoBrowser may prevent computer users from connecting to these search websites, instead replacing them with its own low-quality, fake search website ''
  2. BoBrowser may alter search results on any website so that they include sponsored or affiliate links. Most of the websites promoted this way may contain unsafe content or be used to promote known misleading tactics that may result in threats or other PUP infections.
  3. BoBrowser also may use tracking cookies and other components to track the computer users' online activities and browsing habits for use in marketing and advertising.

If you have observed the presence of BoBrowser on your computer, PC security researchers strongly recommend its removal with the help of a reliable security application that is fully up-to- date. One simple way of being sure that BoBrowser is present on your computer is if the bobrowser.exe memory process is running in your Task Manager.

How BoBrowser may be Installed on a Computer

BoBrowser may be installed automatically. BoBrowser may be distributed by bundling BoBrowser with other software. This is a technique that may be used by most PUPs. Freeware and shareware on third-party websites (and often downloaded from the authors themselves) may be bundled with BoBrowser or other suspicious components as a way to generate revenue. Computer users will be opted into the installation of these added components automatically. Computer users should ensure that no unwanted components have been bundled with their software when installing a new program. In most cases, computer users can use 'advanced' or 'custom' installation to prevent the installation of BoBrowser and other PUPs.

Common Symptoms that may be Linked to BoBrowser and Other PUPs

BoBrowser and other PUPs may cause numerous unwanted symptoms on affected computers. The following are problems that may be associated with these kinds of components:

  • BoBrowser may consume system resources in the background, making the affected computer and Web browser sluggish and unstable.
  • BoBrowser may make unwanted changes to the affected Web browser and computer's settings. For example, BoBrowser may change the affected Web browser's default search engine and homepage automatically.
  • BoBrowser is designed to deliver advertisements and force computer users to visit sponsored content online. This means that BoBrowser may seriously interfere with the computer users' activities on affected Web browsers. Some ways in which BoBrowser does this may include causing Web browser redirects and delivering pop-up windows and messages to affected Web browsers.
  • Computer users have reported large number of advertisements present on their Web browsers when BoBrowser is installed. This PUP may insert banner advertisements and other advertising content into websites viewed on the affected Web browser.

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the progam "BoBrowser" was detected whit Virus in my computer!!

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