BoanKorea Description

BoanKorea is a fairly typical rogue security program. While experienced computer users will immediately recognize BoanKorea for what it is, inexperienced computer users can become victims of this fake security application. Like most rogue security programs, BoanKorea is designed to scam its victims by claiming that the victims' computer has fallen prey to a malware infection. In a way, this is true. However, the infection is actually BoanKorea itself. BoanKorea poses as a legitimate anti-malware tool that offers to remove the nonexistent infection, as long as the victim is willing to purchase a "full version" of this fake security program. ESG PC security analysts consider that BoanKorea is a malware infection. If you have installed BoanKorea on your computer system or are getting messages from BoanKorea, it is important to remove BoanKorea immediately with a real, up-to-date anti-malware application. Failure to remove BoanKorea quickly, can cause loss of your data, credit card fraud and identity theft.

Understanding the BoanKorea Scam

BoanKorea and similar fake security programs are usually the result of a Trojan infection. Unlike viruses and worms, Trojans are malicious programs that require help getting onto your computer. This is usually done by means of deception and social engineering. Criminals try to trick their victims into downloading certain files or clicking on certain links, which ultimately result in a BoanKorea infection. Some common sources of Trojans associated with rogue security applications such as BoanKorea include spam email attachments, fake video codecs, fake popular file torrents and false software updates from a third-party source. Once BoanKorea is installed on the victim's computer, BoanKorea makes changes to the system settings and Windows Registry, which are ultimately harmful. These changes allow BoanKorea to display fake security alerts and error messages, block certain programs (usually any legitimate security applications BoanKorea finds on the infected computer system), block access to certain websites (again, usually websites associated with legitimate computer security programs) and run continuously in the background. The main goal of the BoanKorea scam is to convince the victim that the only way to stop any of these effects (which are caused by BoanKorea itself) is to purchase a "full version" of BoanKorea. Giving your credit card information to the makers of this malware application is not a good idea. Doing so will often result in your money being stolen and in putting yourself at risk for credit card fraud or identity theft.

Technical Information

Registry Details

BoanKorea creates the following registry entry or registry entries:

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