The page, alongside several other affiliated domains, is using an online tactic known as ‘Please Click Allow to Continue’ to mislead users into permitting them to display Web browser notifications. Other domain names affiliated with the site are ‘,’ ‘,’ ‘,’ ‘’ and ‘’

The website is a shady page that is likely to trick you into visiting it by claiming to provide its users with interesting, up-to-date news. Unfortunately, these are empty promises because the site is not hosting any news or other engaging content. As soon as the site is launched, the users will be asked to click on the ‘Allow’ button on their screens. The website will claim that unless the visitor complies, they will not be allowed to access the content of the site. If you click on the button in question, you will allow the dodgy page to send you notifications via your Web browser. This can prove to be very irritating because the page will not use it mindfully and will bombard you with advertisements via your Web browser’s push-notifications. Such shady Web pages tend to market fake services and dodgy goods, so the users should avoid engaging with the advertisements affiliated with this website.

If you are experiencing spam advertisements by the site, you should revoke all the permissions you have given this page using your Web browser’s settings.