Description is a dubious Web page whose purpose is to trick people into believing their computers are infected with threats. may achieve this by displaying fake pop-ups and a made-up 'Blue Screen of Death' that contains an error message alongside some technical information. The messages displayed on may seem believable to not so tech-savvy users, and that's exactly what the con artists rely on – to trick their victims into trusting the information they provide.

The pop-ups and pages may be brought to a user's Web browser with the help of a browser hijacker. Thanks to a browser hijacker,'s pages and pop-ups may show up whenever the computer users attempt to launch their Web browser. The final goal of these pop-ups is to scare users so much that they decide to call the support desk number promoted in the bogus pop-ups. The phone number in question is 855-652-2162, and you can rest assured that calling it will not get you in touch with certified computer technicians. Instead, you may hear from experienced con artists who'll attempt to scare you into paying for fake & expensive services or software or technical support subscriptions. Therefore, neither nor 855-652-2162 should be trusted because they are part of the same hoax.

If your Web browser is riddled pop-ups, you must take the necessary actions to purge the source of these messages from your computer immediately. A good anti-malware software suite should be enough to help you clean your computer and stop the pop-ups from appearing again.