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Blind Eye Locker Ransomware

The Blind Eye Locker Ransomware was uncovered by malware researchers recently. It is a file encryption ransomware that targets Microsoft Windows operating systems. Ransomware such as the Blind Eye Locker Ransomware is usually distributed through various means, including phishing emails, threatening software downloads, and exploit kits.

Phishing emails may contain a link to a compromised website that looks like a legitimate one but is designed to collect sensitive information such as login credentials, personal information, and credit card details. Threatening software downloads may come from a fake website, a file-sharing service, or a peer-to-peer network.

Exploit kits are used to exploit vulnerabilities in software and operating systems. They can be delivered through various channels, including compromised advertisements, unsafe websites, and emails. Once a vulnerability is exploited, the ransomware payload can be delivered and executed on the victim's computer. The Blind Eye Locker Ransomware has been found to be distributed via ill-minded email campaigns and exploits of vulnerable software or outdated systems.

What is the Strategy Used in the Blind Eye Locker Ransomware Attack

When inside the targeted computer, the Blind Eye Locker Ransomware will start its attack by scanning the machine for the files it was programmed to affect. After the selection is complete, it will encrypt those files to make them unusable by the victim. The Blind Eye Locker Ransomware marks the files it encrypts by adding an erratic file extension to their names.

After encrypting files, the Blind Eye Locker Ransomware creates a ransom note in a file called README_[random_digit].txt that contains instructions on how victims can contact the attackers to find out how they can unlock their files FOR FREE. The note also states that victims do not need to be stressed because decryption is free and all they need to do is to contact the attackers. Then, they provide a Discord account, Pomegranate(Tnipples)#4085.

Instructions on How to Protect Yourself from the Blind Eye Locker Ransomware

To protect yourself from the Blind Eye Locker Ransomware, you should follow best security practices such as keeping your operating system and software up-to-date, avoiding suspicious emails and links, running reputable anti-malware programs, backing up essential data regularly and using strong passwords for all of your accounts. Additionally, you should ensure that you have an endpoint protection solution in place so that any potential threats can

To avoid being infected by threats like the Blind Eye Locker Ransomware, users should ensure their systems are always up-to-date with all security patches applied, practice safe browsing habits, install anti-malware solutions, and back up their data regularly. Additionally, users should never open emails from unknown senders as they may contain malicious attachments or links that can lead to infection by Blind Eye Locker Ransomware or other threats. If the users believe they have been infected with Blind Eye Locker Ransomware, they should use a strong anti-malware solution to scan their machines, detect and remove the Blind Eye Locker Ransomware, as well as any files related to it. 

 The ransom note delivered by the Blind Eye Locker Ransomware to its victims reads:

'Blind Eye Locker
All of your files have been encrypted
Your computer was infected with a hornet ransomware . Your files have been encrypted and you won't
be able to decrypt them without our help.What can I do to get my files back?You can contact creator of this locker and decrypt your files for free , remove the
locker from your computer.decryption is frre so dont stress and concats us.

Rember! you can only conctact creator by discord

Concact : Pomegranate(Tnipples)#4085

Your personal Id'


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