Threat Database Adware BlindBat Ads and Deals

BlindBat Ads and Deals

By Domesticus in Adware

BlindBat Ads and Deals is adware that may show a variety of intrusive pop-up advertisements and messages carrying numerous discount coupons, offers and deals on the desktop of the compromised PC while the computer user is surfing the Internet.BlindBat Ads and Deals can access Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Web browsers. When BlindBat Ads and Deals corrupts the computer system, it may cover the desktop of the computer system with unwanted pop-up ads and messages while the PC user is surfing shopping websites or other popular websites. If the PC user clicks on these pop-up ads, he may get forcibly rerouted to unidentified websites. The main goal of BlindBat Ads and Deals may be to raise traffic of unreliable websites and earn money from clicks on ads. BlindBat Ads and Deals may change browser and DNS settings without the PC user's permission. When the computer user is searching online in any major search system, BlindBat Ads and Deals may replace or insert random pop-up ads into search results.


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