bLeengo Description

The bLeengo extension from is promoted as a clever extension that helps user customize the way their search online depending on the alphabet they are using. You can read more about the bLeengo extension at, and the statistics show it is in active usage by nearly ninety thousand people at the time of research. The bLeengo extension supports a version for Google Chrome only, and it is programmed to add a drop-down menu to the navigation bar. The icon used by bLeengo appears to be a near-exact copy of the one used for the Google Translate service, which may surprise some users. However, bLeengo is an independent app that does not use resources from Google as far as its file structure is concerned. The menu provided by bLeengo offers Web surfers to configure rules regarding which search services provider is loaded when a particular alphabet is used for the search terms. The bLeengo extension from is observed to support for Korean, for Chinese, for Cyrillic and for Arabic.

You may be able to reconfigure the settings to your preferences and add more search engines. Cyber security experts warn that the bLeengo extension reroutes all search queries via h[tt]p://, which is a sub-domain of The engine is associated with many ad-supported browser extensions claiming to prioritize the user's privacy and ending up sharing data with ad networks. If you read, the documentation posted on, you may notice that is not mentioned anywhere. The lack of adequate information and a transparent Terms of Use Agreement suggests there are things that the developer of the bLeengo extension does not want you to know. There is nothing wrong with monetizing your app's performance via services like but you may want to reconsider installing the extension since may not provide accurate information. The bLeengo extension from is deemed as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may share data about its users with ad networks without the user's knowledge. You can remove the bLeengo extension through the Extensions Manager in Chrome, but you may need an anti-spyware scanner that can eliminate the tracking cookies downloaded from