Description is a website that may be used to host some Web pages that may accommodate pop-ups, advertisements, and other annoying or unwanted information. may show up in your Web browser automatically. This may occur thanks to the aid of a browser hijacker that may modify the settings of well-liked Web browsers, forcing them to exhibit pages every time the users launch their Web browser or initiate a new tab. If you are being led to whenever you boot your Web browser, then you may have to handle the browser hijacker in question. A browser hijacker can perform a few actions on a computer since its sole purpose is to modify the settings of popular Web browsers, so you shouldn't feel threatened by this low-level parasite. Regardless of the harmless nature of the browser hijacker, you may notice quickly that the alterations it applies to your Web browser are disturbing and may distort your Web browsing activities. The browser hijacker shouldn't stay on your computer, so you should take the necessary steps to remove it with the help of a strong and updated anti-malware solution.