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BlackSuit Ransomware

The malware known as BlackSuit operates as ransomware. Threats of this type are designed specifically to prevent victims from accessing their files. They achieve this by encrypting the targeted file types with a strong cryptographic algorithm. The BlackSuit Ransomware infects Windows and Linux systems. Alongside the encryption of data, this particular type of ransomware alters the desktop wallpaper, generates a ransom note called 'README.BlackSuit.txt,' and changes file names.

To identify the files that have been encrypted, the malware adds the '.blacksuit' extension to the original file names. For example, if the original file name was '1.pdf,' it will be renamed to '1.pdf.blacksuit' and '2.png' to '2.png.blacksuit,' and so on.

Data Affected by the BlackSuit Ransomware will No Longer be Usable

According to the ransom note dropped by the BlackSuit Ransomware on the infected devices, victims will find that a range of essential files, including financial reports, intellectual property, personal data, and other sensitive information, has been compromised. The cybercriminals behind the ransomware attack state that they are offering to decrypt the locked files and reset the system in exchange for a small fee.

The note states that paying the ransom will help victims avoid potential financial, legal, and insurance risks. The attacker instructs victims to contact them via a link provided in the note, which can only be accessed through the anonymous Web browser Tor.

It is essential to note that paying a ransom to hackers is not recommended, as there is a high probability of being tricked. Many victims that paid the ransom do not receive the promised decryption tools. Moreover, it is vital to remove the ransomware from the infected computer to prevent further encryption of files on the same device or other connected devices within the same network.

Take Precautions to Protect Your Devices and Data from Ransomware Attacks

To safeguard devices and data from ransomware attacks, users can adopt several measures that encompass the practices of good cybersecurity hygiene. The following strategies can help:

First and foremost, users should ensure that their devices always have the most recent security patches and software updates. These updates often include security enhancements that address vulnerabilities that can be exploited by ransomware attacks.

It also is advisable to install and regularly update a professional anti-malware solution that can detect and prevent ransomware attacks. Users also should ensure that the software is set up to perform scheduled scans and to update to the latest definitions automatically.

Users also should exercise caution when opening emails from unknown or untrusted sources. Ransomware attacks often leverage phishing emails that encourage users to click on a malicious link or download an attachment containing ransomware.

One of the best measures users can take is to regularly back up their data to an offsite or cloud-based location, ensuring that backups are updated frequently. Having an updated backup can help to restore data without needing to pay the ransom demanded by the attacker in the event of a ransomware attack. 

The ransom note dropped by BlackSuit Ransomware reads:

'Good whatever time of day it is!
Your safety service did a really poor job of protecting your files against our professionals.
Extortioner named BlackSuit has attacked your system.
As a result all your essential files were encrypted and saved at a secure serverfor further useand publishing on the Web into the public realm.
Now we have all your files like: financial reports, intellectual property, accounting, law actionsand complaints, personal filesand so onand so forth.
We are able to solve this problem in one touch.
We (BlackSuit) are ready to give you an opportunity to get all the things back if you agree to makea deal with us.
You have a chance to get rid of all possible financial, legal, insurance and many others risks and problems for a quite small compensation.
You can have a safety review of your systems.
All your files will be decrypted, your data will be reset, your systems will stay in safe.
Contact us through TOR browser using the link:'


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