Blackremote RAT

Cybercriminals do not always end up using the malware, which they build. Often, instead of employing their hacking tools in campaigns, they would sell them or rent them to other shady individuals online. This is the case with the Blackremote RAT (Remote Access Trojan). The creators of this Trojan had posted an advertisement online, which got on the radar of malware researchers immediately. The advertisement was posted by a user with the name ‘Speccy’ or ‘Rafiki.’ The creators of the Blackremote RAT claim that their threat is ‘undetectable’ and has a long list of capabilities.

Masks as a Legitimate Tool

A common tactic when renting out or selling hacking tools is to try and pass it off as a legitimate application with no unsafe potential. However, the people who sell it and the people who buy it are well aware of what the real deal is. In the advertisement, the creators of the Blackremote RAT have stated that when the tool pairs with a system, it will not display any notification on the host. This makes it very clear that the Blackremote RAT is certainly a tool meant to be used with harmful intent.


The authors of the Blackremote RAT state that their creation can:

  • Collect clipboard information.
  • Manage clipboard information.
  • Collect keystrokes.
  • Browse the victim’s files.
  • Manage the victim’s files.
  • Gain access to the Web camera on the system.
  • Gain access to the microphone on the system.
  • Manage the running services and processes.
  • Initiate a remote desktop connection.
  • Monitor and manage network connections.
  • Collect login credentials saved in email applications, FTP clients and Web browsers.
  • Upload files to the host.
  • Download files from a URL.
  • Execute commands and scripts remotely.

High Price

The authors of this Trojan claim that this is not all that the Blackremote RAT has to offer and that users will get more extras when they become their clients. One can rent the Blackremote RAT for one month for $49. The price for 93 days is $117, and a yearly subscription costs $438. These prices are considered to be rather high for a threat of this type. Despite this, many individuals with questionable morals have opted to take advantage of this offer as malware researchers have detected over 2,200 campaigns that involved the Blackremote RAT.

Selling or renting malware as a service is not at all uncommon, and many criminals who do not have the capabilities to build their own threats opt to take advantage of ads like the one promoting the Blackremote RAT. You should download and install a legitimate anti-malware application that will keep your system safe from threats like the Blackremote RAT.


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