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The BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG Trojan is a backdoor Trojan that is used to compromise the infected computer and install other threats. BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG belongs to a known family of malware known as Sykipot. This malware family has been active for several years, at least since 2007. It recently surprised PC security analysts with a newly uncovered variant known as BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG, which has been used as part of high profile attacks on sensitive targets in the United States. Security researchers consider the BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG as a severe threat to your computer and to your privacy; this threat should be removed immediately with the help of a strong anti-malware application that is fully up to date.

BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG Belongs to a Family that Keeps Its Features Unchanged

BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG's malware family has not changed drastically in recent years, and it is this simple approach that makes BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG so effective. BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG is basically designed to establish a secure connection to a Command and Control server. Using this unauthorized connection, criminals can access the infected computer without being detected and install other unsafe components on the victim's computer. These types of infections are commonly known as backdoor Trojans and the unauthorized connection typically known as a 'backdoor'. This is because, much like a physical back door allows unauthorized access to a building, a virtual backdoor like the one BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG uses allows a criminal to gain unauthorized access to the infected computer.

BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG Has Been Used in High Profile Malware Campaigns

BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG is used in high profile attacks against targets in the American defense sector as well as in civilian businesses that typically supply important strategic government sectors, such as telecommunications and aerospace industries. The recent BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG attacks have been focused on the civil aviation sector, an important branch of American infrastructure. BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG uses zero-day exploits to install the backdoor on the victim's computer. BKDR_SYKIPOT.AG is also usually distributed using highly effective phishing email messages that are targeted towards a specific, high profile target. The fact that these attacks are targeting such an important industry in the United States is just one of the many reasons why, in recent years, electronic security has become such an important national security issue. ESG malware analysts advise computer users to maintain their computers fully updated and to use strong anti-malware software to prevent these types of attacks.


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